Me and my books

We’re all looking for the same thing: a little peace of mind, along with the clarity, love and connection that brings.

Take a browse through my books at the bottom of this page (two published, others on their way!) to see what strikes a chord with you, and explore with me the understanding that can transform your life.

About Vivienne

I live in the stunning French Pyrenees with my husband and a menagerie of animals in a mountain hamlet at 1200m altitude.   Every day the landscape changes and nature brings us something new to get excited about.

(Photo by Jack Magill)View from Monte Perdido

My work has been shared between personal change and the corporate world (because business people are people too, right?).  Many, but not all, of my private clients are struggling with pain and grief around childlessness.

I love to help people find an easier, simpler way through life; to find the beauty, see what’s true, and shed the irrelevant thinking that weighs us down and keeps us stuck in a state of mind (and therefore a life) we don’t enjoy.  We only have one life, and I love to help people see that they can have so much more connection, peace of mind and fun than they may be having right now.

I’m constantly learning from this work, and not least of my lessons is that we are all the same, in the ways that matter most.

Just because you’re a CEO doesn’t mean you’re immune to insecurities and relationship woes.  Just because you don’t have a job others perceive as stressful, doesn’t mean you don’t experience the same range of emotions as everyone else.   Just because you’re a counsellor or helper doesn’t mean your own emotional life is perfect.  We’re all human; we’re all having a human experience, and the more we understand how that experience is being created, the easier, more graceful, and more fun the ride.

So that’s my job! I help people see where they’re misunderstanding how life works, and point them in the direction of what’s really going on, and their own innate ability to see through the storm to the clear skies beyond.

My readers and clients come from all walks of life and each has their own flavour of how the world looks and feels to them.  Some are struggling with work stress, some are trying to come to peace with childlessness, some are confused about their path in life, and some just want to enjoy more love, trust and connection in their personal relationships.  When we see something new in one area, there is a ripple effect into other parts of our lives.

And that’s what I love about what I do.  I can point people to what’s true about the way humans operate – how our experience of life is created – and then, as they start to get a glimpse of the truth of the inside-out nature of life, together we watch the magic unfold.


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The photo below is of me having conquered my first Pyrenean summit.  It was just a walk really, but ‘conquered’ sounds impressive.