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Start loving your life

If you’ve tried techniques and strategies to ease mental suffering or ‘manage’ anxiety, stress or depression, and feel like there must be more to life than ‘coping’ or ‘settling’, you’re right.

So just imagine for a moment… what would life be like, if you knew, in your bones, that your happiness, wellbeing or peace of mind don’t depend on the things you currently think they do?

What if the things you’ve thought affect your ability to experience peace of mind, inspiration, satisfaction and fulfilment, actually have nothing to do with it?

Together, we’ll explore the immensely practical understanding of our mental life that frees you from the suffering that comes with thinking your wellbeing depends on a change in situation, or even on a change in thinking.

Choose the way of exploring that’s right for you

Retreats are held in the French Pyrenees unless otherwise requested (contact me to discuss a potential change of location).

Programmes are indicative and can be tailored on request.

4-day Mind Detox Immersion Retreat

Give yourself the gift of a one-to-one, 4-day retreat, to change forever the way you relate to stress, anxiety, change, or other people.  Transform your relationships, make life changes with more ease and grace, come to peace with something that has seemed impossible until now, or simply experience less reactivity and more clarity and peace of mind in your day-to-day life.

All of these are possible when you start to understand the inside-out nature of the human experience.

Investment: £2995

12-month Transformation programme

Starting with a Mind Detox Immersion Retreat, followed with a tailored coaching programme (delivered online unless otherwise agreed) over 12 months, along with access to resources, to help you navigate your year in ‘real-time’ from an inside-out understanding.

As life presents you with happenings, we’ll explore them together and discover how what looked like mountains could just be molehills.  If you’re at a transition point in your life, or you’d like to make a change in how you’re experiencing the challenges you’re faced with, this may be the programme for you.

Investment: £4995

Already complete: love your life without children 12-month programme

This special programme, open only to those struggling to come to peace with childlessness, follows a similar format as the 12-month Transformation Programme.

You will start with a four-day retreat, followed by 12 months of coaching (15 sessions of at least one hour duration, over the 12 months).

Together we will explore and navigate the challenges life sends your way in a year, with the intention of helping you to see different possibilities and to be free of the suffering you may have thought was inevitable until now.

In conjunction with the release of my book, Already Complete, I offer this programme at a very special rate for anyone who starts the programme before 31 December 2018, as I would like to be able to make it accessible to as many people in this situation as possible.

In addition to the retreat and coaching, you will receive copies of any books and resources I publish, to help you find the peace, joy and fulfilment that’s available to you, regardless of the circumstances.

Investment (Special offer for programme commencing before December 31 2018): £1250

Six-session coaching programme – online Mind Detox

While I believe an in-person retreat is the most wonderful and helpful way to explore the inside-out nature of our experience, I wanted to offer something for those who feel they can’t get away for four days.

Some offer a series of one-hour sessions over several months, but I find there is more value in a deeper dive in a shorter space of time.  Behold, the online Mind Detox!

Completely online via Zoom, the online Mind Detox programme is structured to suit you, within some parameters:

  • The sessions of up to 75 minutes take place within the space of two months
  • The first three sessions will ideally take place within the first two weeks (and you can combine two into a longer, more deeply reflective session if you’d like to)
  • You will need a quiet, private space for your sessions, where you won’t be interrupted

Investment: £1200