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cropped-already-complete-coming-soon-placeholder Already Complete: this free audio is specifically for those who are struggling to come to terms with childlessness.  The audio will give you a taste of why you’re already complete, and why you already have everything you need to live a fulfilled, joyful and wonderful life without children.  You can sign up here.


A little Peace of Mind

A Little Peace of Mind Podcast.  Here you can hear me in conversation with Nicola Bird, founder of A Little Peace of Mind, talking about why we are Already Complete.  Whether or not you are in the situation of being ‘childless-not-by-choice’ or not, you may hear something helpful about the thing or things you think your happiness and wellbeing depend on in life.

You're invited to a

In this conversation with Christian McNeill from Three Principles Supermind, we talk about how our lives may not turn out how we thought, but that’s got nothing to do with the happiness, fulfillment or joy we get to experience in our life.  You’ll hear us talk about divorce, single parenthood, childlessness, purpose and how circumstances don’t determine our experience of life.